Bill Pay

No more buying stamps or mailing checks to pay your bills

Do you cringe a little bit every time you have to pay a bill by check? It can be such a chore. You have to have stamps and envelopes, and then you have to wait for the check to be deposited and clear. There has to be an easier way.

The Bill Pay feature within State Bank’s Online Banking system takes the hassle out of paying one-time or recurring bills by saving you time and money.

Need help with Bill Pay? Check out our FAQs!


Online Bill Pay Features

Bill Pay’s features make setting up and making payments much easier than buying stamps and envelopes, mailing a check and waiting for it to clear:

  • Save time with Bill Pay’s vendor search tool to quickly search and add vendors you need to pay
  • View statements from vendors directly online (participating vendors only)
  • Set up automatic recurring payments to save time each month
  • Set up reminders so you never forget to pay a bill!
  • Manage all your payments, reminders and vendors from the Payment Center

Stop wasting money on stamps and envelopes! Check out the Bill Pay demo, then enroll in Bill Pay today from within your Online Banking account.

View Bill Pay Demo

Get Started with Bill Pay!

Login to your Online Banking Account:

  • Click on the checking account you would like to pay bills from (additional accounts can be added by the bank)
  • Select the Bill Pay tab from the top menu
  • Follow the prompts to complete enrollment

Bill Pay FAQs

What is Bill Pay? Bill Pay is an online service that allows you to pay your bills through State Bank’s Online Banking. It allows you to set up one-time payments, schedule future payments, or create recurring payments from your checking account.

Can I cancel or edit a payment once I have made it? Yes! Provided the request is received while the payment status is still pending, the payment can be edited or cancelled. Once the payment status changes from Pending to Processing, the payment can no longer be edited or cancelled, however, you may request to do a stop payment.

Can I set up recurring payments? Yes! For recurring expenses such as a mortgage loan, you can schedule your payments to be processed automatically by indicating the frequency of the payment.

How do I enroll for Online Bill Pay? If you currently use Online Banking, simply click the “Bill Pay” tab and follow the steps to enroll.

Can I pay my bills from any account? Your primary account will be enrolled for Bill Pay. To add additional accounts, please contact a member of our e-banking team.

How does Bill Pay work? You provide information about the company or person you want to pay and tell us how much and when you’d like the payment to be made. State Bank sends your payment electronically when possible. If the person or company does not accept electronic payments, we print a check and mail it for you.

When is my payment amount deducted from my account?  If your payment is sent electronically, your checking account is debited one business day after processing begins. If the company cannot receive electronic payments, we print a check and mail it to the address provided. For some checks, the money is withdrawn one business day after processing begins. For others, the money is withdrawn when the company or person deposits or cashes the check.

Do I have to enter my account number? Entering your account number for whomever you are paying is the most reliable way to ensure the company can credit your payment properly. The service guarantee applies to payment only if all the information you provided is accurate. If a company uses characters such as “xxx” or “###” to hide part of your account number on the bill, please do not use those same characters. Make sure you are providing your full account number to the vendor ensure payment.

What if I don’t have an account number? Some smaller companies or services don’t provide an account number or assign one. In the event of no account number, you can enter other information that identifies you to the company you are paying. Some examples would be an invoice number, name on the account or address.

Who can I pay with Bill Pay? With Bill Pay, you can pay anyone in the US that you would normally pay by check, debit or cash.  You can pay companies, friends, family, babysitters or anyone that provides service.

Can I cancel Bill Pay? In the event you wish to cancel this service, please contact an e-banker or call State Bank at 319-483-1005.

Can I transfer money from my State Bank account to another account at a different financial institution? Yes! If you go into the “Transfer Money” tab and follow the instructions listed, you may initiate either one-time transfers or set up repeating transfers.

Is there a limit to the number of bills I can pay with State Bank’s Online Bill Pay? No! There is no limit to the number of bills you can pay.

How long does it take to send a payment? We recommend scheduling payments five (5) days before the due date to allow enough time for the biller to process and post the payment to your account. If a company can receive electronic payments, the money is typically delivered in three (3) business days. If the company cannot receive payments electronically, we mail a paper check. This can take three (3) to five (5) business days.

What if the company I paid has not received my payment? Occasionally, a company may not credit your account immediately after they receive a payment. If the payment is not credited after two days, we recommend calling the company’s service line. If the problem isn’t resolved, please contact State Bank and we can assist contacting the company on your behalf to resolve the issue.

How do I know if a payment was delivered? You can check the status of your payment in the “Activity” Tab. Payments are in a “pending” status until processing begins.

What is the “Split and Expense” feature? This is a feature that allows you to share bills with roommates, be reimbursed for a dinner you split with friends, or collect on a group gift that you bought. Simply send a request to a person or group and they will receive notification to pay the request.

Can I request money from multiple people at one time? Yes! You can request money from multiple people by entering each name separately when you complete the first step on the Split and Expense tab. You may request different amounts from individuals, depending on what they owe.

What is AutoPay?  AutoPay is a way to set up recurring payments through Bill Pay. AutoPay allows you to set up reminders for payments and can be cancelled at any time.

Can I change or cancel the next scheduled automatic payment? If you wish to change only the next occurring automatic payment, locate the payment in the Pending Payments section of the Payment Center. Select the payment and choose either change or cancel.

How do I change or stop automatic payment for a company? If you wish to change or stop all future automatic payments, select the company in the Payment Center and click AutoPay and then change or stop the AutoPay options.

What if the scheduled delivery date falls on a weekend or holiday? If an automatic payment is scheduled for delivery on a non-business day such as a weekend or holiday, the date is adjusted to the following business day. You may see the adjusted date in the Pending Payments section in the Payment Center.

What is an eBill? An eBill is an electronic version of a bill. When you add a company that offers eBills, you can enter the required information to request eBills. State Bank sends your request to the company. After your request is processed, you will receive an eBill rather than a paper bill.

Is there a fee to use Bill Pay? Bill Pay is a free service to customers. However, some optional features will incur a fee, such as same day payment or overnighting a check.  Please contact an e-banker or call us at 319-483-1005 for additional information.


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