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Have more control over your business finances with Business Online Banking

When it comes to your business, having as much access and control is essential to good financial management.  State Bank’s Business Online Banking service can save you time, improve your cash flow and streamline your cash management procedures all in a fully secure environment.

Need help with Business Online Banking? Check out our FAQs!


Benefits of Using Business Online Banking

With Business Online Banking, you can take advantage of several benefits to better serve your business finance needs and help you operate more efficiently:

  • Bank on your schedule with 24/7 access to your account balances, transactions, payroll, transfers and more
  • Increase your internal security with the ability to fully customize and manage employees’ access/privileges for your business bank accounts
  • Manage your costs by using automated tools such as online transfers, Bill Pay, and ACH Manager 
  • Transfer funds between accounts, including loan payments
  • Process ACH files such as payroll, utility bills, vendor payments, monthly dues, etc.
  • Add or view stop payments and account alerts
  • SECURE ENVIRONMENT: The best part is you don’t have to worry because all your financial management can be done in a secure environment with the use of token-authentication at each log in.

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Business Online Banking FAQs

Who can access Business Online Banking? This service is available to any bank customer with a business account. Businesses can also grant full or limited use of Business Online Banking to employees. Depending on your access rights, you will either be given a token or an Access ID/Password to login to Business Online Banking.

What is the difference between having a token or an Access ID/Password to login? Tokens will be used if you are doing transfers, ACH and/or Bill Pay.  If you are just inquiring on the accounts, you will have an Access ID/Password to login instead of a token.

I am having trouble logging in? Please call our e-banking team at 319-483-1005

What if I forget my password? Please call our e-banking team at 319-483-1005 and we can help reset your password.

What if I lose my token? Please call our e-banking team at 319-483-1005 to let us know.  We will deactivate the token and reissue a new token.

Are there limits to processing ACH files, such as payroll and electronic payments? Limits for these individual services will be established based on business needs and bank approval.

Is this secure and confidential? State Bank is committed to providing you with a secure environment to access your business finances.  We offer a strong, multi-layer of security such as:

  • Credentials & Device Recognition: Our system looks at your login credentials and the device you are logging in on. If something is not recognized, you will be prompted to answer a challenge question to verify further information.
  • Lockout System: If you try to gain access 3 times incorrectly, the system will lock you out as a preventative measure. If this happens, please contact an e-banker so we can verify your information and make sure we are speaking to an authorized user on the account.
  • Token-Authentication: For users authorized to do transfers, ACH and/or Bill Pay, you will have a token to login to Business Online Banking. The token is secure because it is authenticated to each user at every login, and prevents unauthorized users from being able to gain access without the token.

Though we take measures to offer the utmost in security, please note, email transactions may not be secure.  Never send personal information such as account numbers, social security numbers and passwords via email.  Please call the bank if you need to discuss personal information!

What does business online banking cost? State Bank’s Business Online Banking service is FREE; however, fees may apply with the use of additional/optional services such as ACH services and stop payments.

Are there any demos or tutorials showing how business online banking works? Yes! Check out our Business Online Banking demo.

Is there a limit to when I may access my online banking? You may view your account history and transactions 24 hours, 7 days a week. During the enrollment process, you have the option to limit hours of access for each user depending on your business needs.

Can I view my business and personal accounts together? Yes! We are able to link both business and personal accounts together, allowing you the ability to use only one sign in and the convenience to conduct all transactions in one location.

Who needs to sign the business online banking agreement and application? The Senior Administrator must sign the agreement and application.  This person will also be the one who determines what other employees can have rights and to what accounts those rights can be given.

Who is the Senior Administrator of the business? The Senior Administrator is the person who is able to transact business on the account.  They must be listed on the business account and corporate resolution. 

Who can have access to Business Online Banking? The Senior Administrator determines what other employees have access rights and to what accounts those rights can be given.

What accounts will my employees or additional users be able to access? Additional users will only be able to see accounts they were granted access to when the Senior Administrator set them up. Depending on the permissions granted, they may be able to only view accounts or do as much as make transfers, pay bills, complete ACH transactions, and more.You may set dual control on these transactions as well.

How do I add or remove accounts? The Senior Administrator will need to contact the bank to complete a form with the information for the accounts that needs added or removed.

How do I add or remove users? The Senior Administrator will need to contact the bank to complete a form with the information for the user that needs added or removed.

When I click on the token for a number, is the number always going to be the same? As an extra layer of security, a new and unique number will be generated each time you click on the token. 

Can I download my business account history into financial management software? Yes! Information from your checking, savings, and loan accounts can be downloaded to your computer and imported into selected software applications such as Microsoft® Excel. Some functions may also support the importation of data created in an accounting program to your Business Online Banking applications. Note: Not all file formats are supported.

Can I transfer funds to and from other financial institutions? Yes, you can do so with an ACH funds transfer; however, there may be some exclusions.  If you are not set up with this service, please contact an e-banker to get started.

Can I transfer funds between my personal and business accounts? For sole proprietors and owners, transfers can be made between personal and business accounts. This feature is not available for government, public entity, or nonprofit accounts.

Can I approve the transfer of funds initiated by employees? Yes! With Business Online Banking you can define access levels and set transfer limits for each employee.


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