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Got checks? We have the solution.

Now, you can deposit checks written to your business without driving to the bank or mailing them. Say what?!?!

Merchant Capture allows you to make deposits electronically to your State Bank account whenever it is convenient for you…and without ever leaving your office.  Scan the checks through the merchant capture scanner and transmit the deposit using a secure web connection.  It’s that simple!

Need help with Merchant Capture? Check out our FAQs!


Benefits and Features of Merchant Capture

If your business has a high volume of checks, Merchant Capture may be just what you’re looking for!  You can scan any type of check and electronically deposit it anytime…day, night or even weekends.

  • Save time and money by reducing trips to the bank, eliminating deposit tickets, copying costs, mailing cost and even stop payment costs
  • Deposit multiple checks simultaneously and efficiently
  • Reduces the risk of check fraud

Get Started with Merchant Capture

Enrollment for Merchant Capture is completed during the enrollment process for Business Online Banking.  If you have not enrolled your business account to use this service, it’s no problem!  Just contact an e-banker and we’ll be sure to set up a time to discuss the service and help you determine if it’s right for you.

Merchant Capture FAQs

What is Merchant Capture? Merchant Capture allows you to make deposits electronically when it’s convenient for you, without ever leaving your office. Just scan the checks through a designated scanner and transmit the deposit using a secure web connection! 

Can all checks be deposited using Merchant Capture? All checks are eligible to be deposited using Merchant Capture as along as the items are a U.S. check and have a fully encoded MICR line. A MICR line is the number and symbols at the bottom of the check which include routing number, check number, and account number. Canadian and foreign checks are not eligible and must be deposited traditionally.

What happens to the checks after I scan them? When a check is scanned using Merchant Capture, images of the front and back of the check are taken. You should keep the physical checks in a secure location for 90 days. After that time, you may destroy the physical checks.

What is the cut-off time for processing the checks? The process time for State Bank to process the file is 4:00 PM, CST.

Is there a fee for using Merchant Capture? Please call State Bank to discuss pricing and fees.

What do I need to use Merchant Capture? All you need is a PC, a secure internet connection and a scanning device provided to you by State Bank.

How do I enroll for Merchant Capture? Please contact an e-banker  at 319-483-1005 who will be able to assist you with the enrollment process for Merchant Capture.   



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