ACH Manager

Disburse, collect and maximize your business funds more efficiently

The ACH Manager feature within State Bank’s Business Online Banking system features streamlined, flexible and automated processing of ACH transactions accessed right in your online banking account.  Perform a variety of Automated Clearing House (ACH) functions for your business from your computer!

Need help with ACH Manager? Check out our FAQs!


Benefits and Features of ACH Manager

As a business owner, time is your most valuable asset!  State Bank’s ACH Manager allows you to streamline your incoming and outgoing ACH files.  Make the most of your time with these benefits and features!

  • Convenient:  Pay employees by direct deposit or collect fees, tuition, memberships and utility payments.
  • Accurate:  Automation of payments reduces errors.
  • Simple:  State Bank will provide you with all the training you need to use ACH Manager.
  • Streamlined Processing:  Easy-to-use transfer templates streamline the process of submitting ACH transfers, building customer satisfaction and creating efficiencies for your organization.  Automatically validates, checks for duplicates, run risk controls and provides you with rejection or exception notification, as well as sends immediate confirmation.
  • Risk Management control:  Set default and user-specific transfer limits on the types and amounts of transfers originated.  If a transfer is submitted after a limit has been met, it will reject and an email is sent.
  • Transfer Review:  Transfer review dollar amounts and number of transfers.  After the threshold has been met, additional ACH transfer status is changed to “pending approval” and an email is sent to the originator.
  • Online reporting:  Real-time transfer status updates and ACH transaction history are available online.  Edit transactions that are pending and maintain ACH transfer history.
  • Transfer Templates:  Easy-to-use templates are available to use for payroll, consumer debits and credits, disbursments and vendor payments.  The templates can be saved for future use and includes a hold feature allowing you to omit a transaction from processing without deleting the transaction information.

Get Started with ACH Manager

Enrollment for ACH Manager is completed during the enrollment process for Business Online Banking.  If you have not enrolled your business account to use this service, it’s no problem!  Just contact an e-banker and we’ll be sure to make ACH Manager available upon your request and set up a time to train you and your staff on using it.

ACH Manager FAQs

What is ACH Manager? A streamlined, secure, flexible and automated processing of Incoming and Outgoing ACH files. 

What does ACH stand for? Automated Clearing House, which is an electronic network that allows people to directly transfer funds between two bank accounts.

What types of files can I process through ACH Manager? Corporate Credits or Corporate Debits (CCD) and Prearranged Credits or Prearranged Debits (PPD).

What are CCD files? These are used for payables (credits) to businesses/corporations or receivables (debits) from businesses/corporations. 

What are PPD files? These files are used for payroll, expense reimbursements, etc (credits) to individuals/consumers; or dues, utilities, etc (debits) from individuals/consumers.

Are there other types of files that can be processed? Please contact State Bank to discuss details depending on the needs of your business. 

How are payments made? All payments are made to the customer’s account electronically through ACH (Automated Clearing House). These payments can be made to both checking and savings accounts.

How many people can I pay at one time? Payments can be created for one individual or multiple at your discretion.

What is the cut-off time for processing ACH files? The cut-off time is 3:30 P.M., CST.

Is there a cost to use ACH Manager? Please contact State Bank to discuss pricing options. 

Do I need accounting software that creates ACH files? No, ACH Manager has the capability to create the ACH files or import ACH files from other accounting software.

What if I have software that generates my files? ACH Manager can import the ACH file created by your software and transmit that file to State Bank to process.

How do I sign up for ACH Manager? When filling out the Business Online Banking application, you will need to complete the box indicating that you would like the ability to complete ACH transfers.  If you have already enrolled for Business Online Banking and would like to add this service, please contact an e-banker who will be able to assist you.

Do the payroll taxes get computed with ACH Manager? No, ACH Manager is only used to deposit an employee’s net payroll. The service will not compute any withholding taxes, FICA or benefits.

Do I get a confirmation once I submit an ACH file to the bank? Yes! You will receive a confirmation to the email provided to us on the Business Online Banking application, confirming the file was transmitted to the bank. Once the bank has processed the file, you will receive another email confirming that it’s been completed.

How do I use ACH Manager once it is activated? We will have an E-Banking specialist train you at your place of business or at the bank. 



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