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No more buying stamps or mailing checks to pay your bills

Do you cringe a little bit every time you have to pay a bill by check? It can be such a chore. You have to have stamps and envelopes, and then you have to wait for the check to be deposited and clear. There has to be an easier way.

The Bill Pay feature within State Bank’s Online Banking system takes the hassle out of paying one-time or recurring bills by saving you time and money.

Online Bill Pay Features

Bill Pay’s features make setting up and making payments much easier than buying stamps and envelopes, mailing a check and waiting for it to clear:

  • Save time with Bill Pay’s vendor search tool to quickly search and add vendors you need to pay
  • View statements from vendors directly online (participating vendors only)
  • Set up automatic recurring payments to save time each month
  • Set up reminders so you never forget to pay a bill!
  • Manage all your payments, reminders and vendors from the Payment Center

Stop wasting money on stamps and envelopes! Check out the Bill Pay demo, then enroll in Bill Pay today from within your Online Banking account.

View Bill Pay Demo

Get Started with Bill Pay!

Login to your Online Banking Account:

  • Click on the checking account you would like to pay bills from (additional accounts can be added by the bank)
  • Select the Bill Pay tab from the top menu
  • Follow the prompts to complete enrollment

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