SHAZAM Bolt$ Debit Card Monitoring

Debit card monitoring with alerts to your phone

In addition to providing our customers with the protection of SHAZAM’s Falcon Fraud Protection for debit card transactions, State Bank also offers another service to help you monitor debit card usage: SHAZAM Bolt$.

With SHAZAM Bolt$, you can sign up for transaction alerts and even block/unblock your debit card if it is lost or stolen.  This allows you to keep a more vigilant eye on your accounts, and provides you with instant information should a fraudulent transaction be conducted.

Visit the iTunes store or Google Play to get the SHAZAM Bolt$ app for better debit card monitoring.  Want to access SHAZAM Bolt$ on your PC?  Simply enroll for SHAZAM Bolt$ online.

Tip: Tired of hanging on to all your receipts to remind you to write that purchase down in your check register?  Use SHAZAM Bolt$ to receive alerts of your purchases to your mobile phone via text message instead.


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