What NOT to Buy on Valentine’s Day

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What NOT to Buy on Valentine’s Day

After the shopping frenzy that is the holiday season, it can be hard to psych yourself up for shopping for Valentine’s Day. That’s possibly why Valentine’s Day gifts have remained relatively unchanged for decades.

But this is 2015, people. It’s time to break the mold. Listed here are five gifts you should steer clear of this year in favor of something more tailored to the one you love.

Chocolate. That heart-shaped box’s price could make your heart rate jump.

Jewelry. Retailers often offer discounts on jewelry before Valentine’s Day. But if you wait a week or two, you will see many jewelry stores reduce their prices as much as 80 percent. Look for coupons at department stores that offer store-wide deals.

Perfume & cologne. Perfume and cologne sales normally peak around Christmas and Valentine’s Day. That means that discounts and specials will most likely be offered after these holidays. Plus, unless you know a specific scent your man or lady like, guessing can be hit or miss.

Roses. Roses are famously expensive around Valentine’s Day. This is likely due to both demand and the labor to harvest and ship a huge quantity of flowers. By the time you buy the roses, a vase, delivery, and a surcharge, you could be paying up to $7 per rose! Opt for your loved one’s favorite flower if you decide to go this route (you do know her favorite flower, right?).

A Teddy Bear Holding a Heart. Can’t we all agree that it’s time to do away with this tired cliché?

Instead of these gifts, think about your significant other’s passions and interests and see what you can find that relates to those things. For you DIY-ers, there are also dozens of small projects that you can create for Valentine’s Day. You’ll spend less and make something truly special and unique for your loved one.


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