Take Advantage of the Local Farmer’s Markets

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State Bank is proud to support the local farmer’s markets and the produce and homemade goods that area producers offer. The best thing about the farmer’s market is that you can find a variety of different produce and other locally grown goods all in one spot. We want you to enjoy the fun of the farmer’s market and reap the benefits that the fresh and local foods have to offer.

From fresh sweet corn to beautiful plants, the farmer’s market is the place to go for anything you could imagine because no two weeks are alike. If you are putting the farmer’s market into your weekly plans, State Bank wants to tell you how important it is to shop local and eat healthy. Local farmer’s markets  are the place to be for accomplishing both of these goals.

Why you should shop your local farmer’s markets:

  • Shopping local can grow the local economy and create a sustainable community.
  • Strong communities are built by shopping local.
  • Creation and sustainability of more local jobs.
  • Shopping local keeps the money in your neighborhoods and helps fund local projects.

Why you should support local farmers:

  • Local food is more nutritious and goes from farm to your table more quickly.
  • Helping farmers today ensures farmers of the future can sustain produce.
  • Less packaging is involved, so the environment benefits greatly.
  • The farmers get to know the local community and they can give you tips for cooking and preparing the produce so you get the best taste every time.

Visit the Waverly or Charles City Farmer’s Markets this week for all of your produce needs. There are many benefits of farmer’s markets from healthy options to growing the local economy. Shop local when it comes to groceries, and bank local at State Bank for your checking, savings, and personal loan needs.


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