Outsmart the Retailers this Holiday Season

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The holidays are stressful, especially the shopping. Aside from the rushing from store to store and trying to find exactly what you are looking for, there is also a secret battle going on. The retailers trying to sell you their products are waging a battle for control of your brain. They win when they get you to make a purchase you don’t really need. So how can you fight back?


The first step is knowing the opponent and what tricks they are using. Here are a few of the tactics companies employ.


Colors in ads

Warmer colors, such as red, yellow and orange, prime your brain for excitement. When your brain is excited, it doesn’t think as rationally as it should. That’s why many price tags are these colors. When you see the fancy displays and price tags on items, focus on the numbers without letting your brain get overwhelmed by the bright colors.


Prey on your desires and fears

We all have the same basic fears, needs and desires. These lead us to purchase things out of fear of being the only without a certain item, to show off our wealth and to strengthen our bonds with others as a way to express our desire for affection.


Retailers know this, and their television, print and online ads will target these deep emotions to persuade you to make a purchase.


Try to keep you in the store as long as possible

Huge stores with tons of aisles, racks and shelves work to keep you in the store for as long as possible. Retailers back on this simple formula: the longer you are in the store, the greater the pressure to make a purchase. Why? Because you want your shopping trip to be worth it.


What you can do to break the cycle

●Hand write a shopping list to stick to. Having a list is a point of reference for why you came into the store. Hand writing it further imprints your needs in your mind, making you less susceptible to distractions.

●Set a timer on your phone or watch when you walk into the store. When it goes off, take what you have up to the register or leave.


By doing a little planning and being aware of how retailers try to lure you in, you can still get exactly what you need this holiday season without making extra purchases you don’t need.


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