Less Spending, More Memories: 4 Tips for Holiday Gift Giving

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Are you suddenly stressed about holiday spending?  Maybe you’re scrutinizing every purchase and frantically searching online for the perfect tips to spend less without sacrificing those cherished holiday memories.  The team at State Bank understands what you’re going through, which is why we have gathered some of the best holiday spending tips out there for you to work into your holiday plans over the next two months!

#1 – Budget Gift Giving: It’s the thought that counts

We love this tip because we feel it defines the values of our customers perfectly.  Use this tip as a reminder to give gifts that are more thoughtful and less expensive.  This concept of giving on sentiment directs you to really think about what your loved one could really use.  Maybe they have recently gotten into knitting and could use a different size of knitting needles along with some fun knitting patterns you’ve found online.  This gift idea is not only extremely thoughtful; it is also less than $10!

#2 – Budget Gift Giving: Find the deals

November is not only a time to be thankful, but also a time to be frugal…by enjoying Black Friday in all its glory.  To take full advantage of these deals, do your research.  Search online for the best possible price and become an expert comparison shopper, collect the coupons received in your inbox and don’t forget to search for coupon codes before clicking “order” at any online store. 

#3 – Budget Gift Giving: Time is money

Depending on how tight your holiday budget is this year, the best gift for both you and your loved ones might be the gift of time.  Is there a large home project that your dad would love to get done, but doesn’t have the time?  Would your grandparents simply love to visit with you over tea?  You might find that your family would prefer smaller gifts and larger hugs this holiday season.

#4 – Budget Gift Giving: Making the VIP list

Finally, we’d like to end this post with the how to narrow down the list of who you are giving to this year.  We work in an office and we know that you would love to give everyone you see on a weekly basis a fabulous present, but that usually isn’t practical or budget-friendly.  Cut your shopping list to immediate family and a few more, then mass produce some baked goods and give those out to everyone else. 

For more information on how to control spending over the holidays, contact State Bank and watch for our next blog post featuring instructions on setting a holiday budget. 


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