How to Tuck Your Coins Away by St. Paddy’s Day

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How to Tuck Your Coins Away by St. Paddy’s Day

St. Paddy's Day is always reminiscent of older times, filled with meaningful songs and dances, delightfully filling food, and timeless jokes or antics. Each year we celebrate the livelihood of the Emerald Isle, and the heritage of the Irish culture, through a wide variety of events and gatherings. To help your bank account prepare for the festivities, State Bank offers these tips and tricks to help you save without missing out on the fun!


  • Avoid Dining Out ($150/month): The key aspect to achieving this savings is patience! If you can take the time to plan meals ahead of time, and shop only for what you need to make them, you can not only reduce your restaurant spending but your grocery spending as well!
  • Cut Cable ($75/month): With technology like smart TV’s, Fire Sticks, Apple TV, Sling and more, there are now endless options to view and stream your favorite shows without the high cost of cable. By bundling some of these internet based services you can reduce your expenses without limiting your entertainment options.
  • Pack Your Lunch ($100/month): Instead of eating out for ten meals throughout the month, designate two days you’ll bring your lunch from home and save the extra $10 day. You can increase your savings even more by utilizing leftovers from your home-cooked dinner the night before.
  • Carpool ($50/month): While commuting to work may allow you to live in a certain area, it does come at a cost. See if you can reduce that amount by finding fellow co-workers to share the ride in with. While $50 may seem small for a month, over the course of the year that easily becomes $600 or more that you can put toward other saving ventures.
  • Automate Your Savings ($100/month): The phrase, “Pay yourself first,” comes to mind every time we share this tip. Did you know that you can invest in your personal development by contributing your savings goals? Once all the immediate bills such as housing and utilities are paid, we recommend contributing to your saving before budgeting how much to spend in other areas for the month. This way you can make your ongoing financial wellness a priority before deciding on spending habits for the month-to-month purchases.


Before the festivities begin, State Bank challenges you to put these strategic saving tactics into place. If you’re curious how to get started, or want to set up a designated savings account for your extra earnings, our dedicated team is here to help! 


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