Giant Piggy Bank program

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You may remember back in April, Financial Literacy Month, we posted a lot about the need for financial literacy, more specifically about the need for financial literacy education in schools. With the start of the new school year, State Bank wants to remind everyone about the chance for some education, savings and a little fun that is available in some of the schools in the communities we serve.


The Giant Piggy Bank program is essentially an in-school bank, with older students at the school serving as the “bankers.” Available in many of the elementary schools in our communities, Giant Piggy Bank can teach kids a lot about banking and life in general. Here’s how it works:


  • We’ll provide applications for the Giant Piggy Bank for your child to bring home. Just fill out the required information and have your child bring it back to school.
  • A State Bank staff member physically visits each participating school one day each week to collect deposits.
  • For every deposit your child will receive one sticker. After they collect 8 stickers, State Bank will make a $1 deposit into their account.
  • If you wish to make a withdrawal, you can come by any State Bank location with your child to do so.


Not only will your child learn about saving money, but they will also earn a premium interest rate on the first $5,000 in their account. There will also be special drawings throughout the year to reward students for doing a good job on saving for their future.


Older students can also interview for a job as a student banker. This gives them their first experience of applying for a job, interviewing and managing their responsibilities as a student and at a “job.”


Since it began in 1999, Giant Piggy Bank and our student banking program has grown to be available in 15 schools:

  • New Hampton Elementary
  • St. Joseph School, New Hampton
  • New Hampton Middle School
  • New Hampton High School
  • Immaculate Conception School, Charles City
  • Lincoln Elementary, Charles City
  • Janesville Elementary
  • Washington Elementary, Charles City
  • Charles City Middle School
  • Charles City High School
  • CFS, St. Aloysius Middle School, Calmar
  • CFS Elementary, Spillville
  • DeSales Elementary, Ossian
  • South Winn Elementary, Ossian
  • St. Paul’s Elementary, Waverly


As we start another school year, your child may be bringing home an application for the Giant Piggy Bank or our student banking program. We strongly recommend allowing your child to participate in the program if they don’t already. It allows them to develop critical financial skills they will use throughout their lives and gives them a great opportunity to save for their future! If you have any questions regarding the Giant Piggy Bank or student banking programs, please contact your nearest State Bank location. 


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