Financial Literacy Month: The Giant Piggy Bank Program

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Financial Literacy Month: The Giant Piggy Bank Program

Throughout the month of April, the United State of America celebrates Financial Literacy Month. In efforts to catapult our nation’s level of financial knowledge, April has become the catalyst to help children and adults alike, learn the ins and outs of the finances. With topics ranging from budgeting, lending, saving, and beyond, this month offers an incredible opportunity to better understand the potential your money holds.

At State Bank we believe that a great financial education starts at a young age, and is built throughout years of experiential lessons. Each year we proudly offer children a unique opportunity to be a part of our Giant Piggy Bank program where they are able to learn about saving money with a constructive in-school activity. This hands-on learning program enables students to make deposits, helping them learn about the process of saving. With each deposit they make students earn a sticker, and once they accumulate eight stickers a $1 deposit will be made into their account. State Bank staff members are present throughout the program to help answer any questions or financial curiosities.

Since its 1999 inception, the Giant Piggy Bank Program has continued to flourish throughout our local communities. Along with this great program there are several financial lessons you can help to teach your child at home.

  1. Purpose of Saving – Whether their funds are generated through an allowance, or earned via chores, you can help your child create a savings plan for their next purchase. Show them how to plan for their earnings and make a timeline for obtaining their new toy.
  2. Value of Donation – By managing their money well, it not only opens doors for themselves, but also creates opportunities for them to choose to help others. Help them make a goal of donating a portion of their monthly funds to a charity or organization of their choosing.
  3. Balancing Budgets – Get your child started with their very own checking account, and deposit their monthly spending there. Teach them how to keep their expenses in line by budgeting for future spending, and saving for larger purchases.

Celebrate Financial Literacy Month this April with State Bank, and learn everything you can about managing your money. If you have a personal finance question, give us a call at 888-367-5500 or stop by your nearest location today! 


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