Do You Know Where your Breast Cancer Donation is Going?

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As the calendar flips the page to October, you’re likely to see a lot more of the color pink during the month. The reason is simple, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month across the country.

Businesses will deck out their storefronts in pink ribbons, people will wear pink shirts and you’ll even see players in the National Football League sporting pink socks and gloves to help raise awareness for breast cancer.

October is also the busiest month when it comes to breast cancer fundraising. You may have even donated to various causes in the past. In order to help you make sure your money is being spent the way you want, we’ve got some tips on donating to causes like those raising money for breast cancer research.

  • Research the charity. Americans donate hundreds of billions of dollars to charitable foundations every year. With that much money being donated, there are scam charities out there that look to capitalize on peoples’ generosity and keep the donations for themselves. In that case, the money you hoped would go toward finding a cure for breast cancer will end up lining someone else’s pocket.
  • Check out the charity’s expenses. The Better Business Bureau recommends that charities spend at least 65 percent of its money on program expenses, allowing for up to 35 percent of raised funds to go toward things like breast cancer research. Many charities across the country will see the portion of their money spent on expenses well above that 65 percent threshold. Remember, the less money the charity spends on its own expenses, the more it puts directly toward the cause.

And while raising money for those already battling breast cancer is important, it’s also important to remember that there are things you can do to reduce your risk of having to fight the disease yourself. While you can’t do anything about your family history, a few tweaks to your everyday routine can do wonders for not only reducing your risk for breast cancer, but improve your overall health. Check out some tips here:


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