CFAC Raises $1,834 for DeSales and CFS Catholic Schools

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State Bank held their “Cookin’ for a Cause” event in Ossian on Tuesday, August 15th to support DeSales & CFS Catholic Schools.  Bank staff served burgers and hot dogs raising $1,334, plus the Bank’s $500 match for a total contribution of $1,834 to two schools.

“Thank you to all the people that came and supported Catholic education.  We really appreciate State Bank for sponsoring this event” said Principals Kristin Kriener (DeSales) and Katie Schmitt (CFS) in a joint statement.

To date, the total amount contributed as a result from State Bank’s “Cookin’ for a Cause” event series is over $40,000 to 22 local charities across each of the markets served by the bank.  Along with DeSales & CFS Catholic Schools, State Bank’s CFAC events have helped to raise funds for the South Winn Recreation Program, Ossian Crown Club’s Community Pavilion Project and the South Winn Athletic Complex.

Along with State Bank’s CFAC event in Ossian, they are or have held “Cookin’ for a Cause” events in Waverly, Janesville and Dike this year.


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