CFAC 2016 Recipient Announcement

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CFAC 2016 Recipient Announcement

State Bank is committed to fostering the growth and development of the community and customers in the markets we serve.  Helping our communities grow is important to us, which is one of the primary reasons we developed the “Cookin’ for a Cause” event series in 2012.  As part of this effort, State Bank has been able to help raise more than $26,000 for fourteen organizations.

We are built on a foundation of giving back and enhancing the wellbeing of the communities we serve.  With that, State Bank is proud to announce the selection of recipients for our 2016 "Cookin' for a Cause" event series.

  • Calmar – South Winn Recreation Program on June 30th
  • Dike – Dike-New Hartford Elementary Preschool on August 12th
  • Janesville – Janesville Fire & Rescue on July 15th
  • New Hampton – New Hampton Recreational Trail on July 22nd
  • Waverly – Bremer-Butler Crisis Fund on July 22nd

We received many worth-while applications and would like to thank ALL organizations who took the time to apply.  Please consider supporting an event near you!


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