Budget-Friendly Thanksgiving: Tricks of the Frugal Family Feast

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Are you hosting the big family Thanksgiving this year?  Maybe you’re worried about how this huge family feast fits into your tight holiday budget.  We’ve thought of that too, which is why the team at State Bank has found some helpful tips to keep your costs down and tastes up for Thanksgiving!   

Thanksgiving’s Frugal Feast Tips:

  • The most common tip many families are leaning towards is the Thanksgiving potluck.  Encourage your family to share in the food and the cost of Thanksgiving.  This will make for less spending and less work for you on that special holiday.  If the Thanksgiving potluck isn’t an option, we still have _ more tips to go that will help you keep spending down.
  • The turkey is typically the most expensive part of the meal.  In order to save on the turkey, buy frozen and look for coupons.  If you go this route, don’t forget to allow ample time to thaw the bird!  The rule is one day for every 5 pounds of turkey.
  • Save big when buying generic or store brand groceries.  These products can be half the price, but taste the same when using in your delicious Thanksgiving recipes.
  • Make your own basic Thanksgiving ingredients such as piecrusts, chicken stock, breadcrumbs and whipped cream. 
  • When purchasing your veggies, you can save big when you choose frozen or canned instead of fresh.
  • Watch the deals at your local grocery stores.  Thanksgiving staples such as cranberry sauce or pumpkin pie filling often go on sale the week before Thanksgiving.
  • Purchase your baking necessities such as eggs, butter, sugar, flour and potatoes at big box stores and split the goods (and cost) with friends. 

We hope these frugal feast tips will help make your Thanksgiving festivities more enjoyable and allow you to save through the holidays.  If you have questions on how to manage your finances into the New Year, contact State Bank today!


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