Boost Your Money Smarts with These 7 Financial Resources

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Kids these days think they know everything, don’t they? It seems like every time you try and tell them something, they already know it, and if they don’t, they can look it up on their smart phone or tablet. However, financial management is not something many of our kids, even those graduating from high school and college this May, know much about.


At State Bank, we’re all about helping our customers succeed, so we’ve put together a little gift basket of financial resources for those heading off to college or joining the real world. Practically all of these resources are online, perfect for a generation seemingly raised with smart phones in their hands!


The State Bank Blog and Facebook page- what could be better than financial tips from people personally invested in your success? Bookmark our blog and like our Facebook page to see all of the latest financial advice, tips and tricks from your hometown bank!


Your State Bank Online and/or Mobile Banking Account- looking through your transaction history and statements is a great way to track your spending patterns and create a smarter budget.


Mint- available in desktop form or as an app for you smart phone or tablet, Mint is a great tool for budgeting, setting and tracking savings goals and seeing a visual layout of your spending.


Kiplinger- while this site may seem more heavily geared toward adults, a lot of the advice and tips they provide are good things to know and get started on while you’re young.


Wisebread- very similar to Kiplinger, Wisebread also provides financial tips for all aspects of your life, as well as tips for frugal living. this website makes your finances very easy to understand by breaking them down into five simple concepts, the MyMoney Five.


There is no shortage of quality financial resources online, but you can always talk to one of the banking professionals at State Bank to see if there is anything we can do to help. Good luck, and we look forward to seeing you soon!


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