Back to School Expenses to Remember

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The beginning of another year of school can certainly be exciting. Your kids are looking forward to seeing their friends every day and learning new and exciting things. You may be looking forward to it as well, as school gets the kids out of the house. However, you may not be looking forward to all the shopping that has yet to be done for the upcoming year.


Back-to-school shopping by Americans in 2013 topped $26.7 billion for kids in kindergarten through high school. Although there are a lot of costs you have anticipated – pencils, calculators, backpacks and everything else on your typical supply list – there may be a few you haven’t.


State Bank has come up with a list of school-related expenses that, if you’re not careful, may sneak up on you. Take a look, and then comment on our Facebook page if there are expenses we’ve forgotten to mention.


Clothing- No kid likes to go back to school without wearing what every other kid is wearing. Be sure to anticipate a request for new clothes right before or right after the start of the school year.


Lunches- What’s cheaper, spending money on school lunches or purchasing the necessary ingredients for a healthy sack lunch from home? Make sure you know what your child’s school charges for lunches they provide.


School and activity fees- This may seem like a no-brainer, but more than one parent can attest to forgetting about or underestimating the costs for a year of public education. Also, be sure to check with your school about any associated “activity fees” or other costs.


Sports equipment or other additional supplies- If you have a child who participates in a school sport, is in band, choir or usually participates in an annual pageant, know that they may need additional equipment or supplies for those extracurricular activities.


Did we leave anything out? If so, leave us a comment over on our Facebook page. 


While you want to be sure your kids are prepared for another year of school, you also need to make sure you are prepared for the financial needs that go along with it. Be sure to check back on the State Bank blog for ways to save money while also ensuring your kids have everything they need. 


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