Back-to-School Costs for College Students

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Tuition. Room. Board. Whether your college-aged student is heading to campus for the first time or the last time, those three costs are well known. By the time this part of the year rolls around, college students and their families have no doubt made plans to help cover those costs. But what about the smaller costs that, when rolled together, can add up to thousands of dollars?


The “Small” Costs

First, there are the things related to academics and actual classroom work:

  • Backpack
  • Laptop
  • Binders, folders and planners
  • Paper, spiral note books and index cards
  • Pens, pencils, highlighters and so on
  • Textbooks
  • Course fees


Next, you have costs related to your child’s living arrangements:

  • Furniture for a dorm room (lamps, lights, sofas, rugs, etc.)
  • Mini-fridge (a definite must!)
  • Curtains or other window coverings
  • Room décor
  • Shower caddy with all the necessary hygiene items
  • Food for meals and snacks


When you add all of these up, you could be looking at a sizable chunk of change.


The Solution

For classroom and work supplies, see what is already available at your house. There is no point in spending $5 on a four-pack of pens with a super comfortable grip when you have a dozen free pens not being used at home. For textbooks, shop Amazon or other online sites for used versions if they are available.


Larger cost items like a laptop, mini-fridge or other furniture require a little more work. You can compare prices between various retailers, or you could look at Goodwill or ask friends for used furniture they don’t need anymore.


Much of the other smaller cost items can be found for cheap at Target or Wal-Mart if you’re willing to skip name brands.


So really, back-to-school shopping for your college student doesn’t have to be nightmare. State Bank hopes these tips can help you and your college-aged student get back to campus without breaking the bank. If you have any other questions as to how State Bank can help with your student’s college finances, come by your nearest State Bank location today!


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