10 Lessons & Resources to Take from Financial Literacy Month

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We have been talking about Financial Literacy Month all throughout April and how we can help ourselves and our families become more financially responsible for the future. Seeing as how today is the last day of the month, State Bank wanted to leave you with some lessons, resources and tools to help you be your best financial self for the future.


Lessons to Learn From

  • Your kids learn from you- if you’re lousy with money, odds are your children will be too.
  • Evaluate your financial habits- do you use a budget? Are you only making minimum monthly payments on credit cards or other debt? Are you living within your means or overextending yourself?
  • Delay instant gratification- if you make impulsive decisions with your money, focus on thinking each financial decision through. Start with asking yourself, “Do I/does my family really need this?”
  • Pay yourself first, always- no matter your debts, you need to ABS, “Always Be Saving.” Financial uncertainty can rear its ugly head at any time, so having an emergency fund is a best practice to follow.
  • Once you correct your finances, teach your kids- as we mentioned earlier this month, kids learn these things early. Make sure they are learning good financial habits that will serve them well throughout their life.


Resources and Tools

  • State Bank’s Student Banking Program: Also, known as The Giant Piggy Bank, our own program focuses on teaching financial responsibility to students in kindergarten through high school.  Click here to find out if your student attends a participating school.  If not, advocate to your administration on the importance of such a program and ask State Bank to get involved in the conversation – we’re more than happy to make a visit.
  • The Council for Economic Education: While most of the resources and information here are geared toward teachers and classroom settings, there is still a lot parents can take away and use at home.
  • MyMoney.gov: Introduce your family to the MyMoney Five, use their financial tools and take money quizzes to see how much you’ve learned.
  • Wisebread.com: One of the most popular web destinations for financial tips and advice for all aspects of your life.
  • State Bank’s blog and Facebook page: You can check both of these places for continuous info and tips.


We hope you have learned a lot from us this month about better financial habits for you and your family. If you have questions about any aspect of your financial life, the kind people at State Bank would be glad to help.  Happy Financial Literacy Month, and we’ll see you soon!


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