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Debit card protection from SHAZAM

Wouldn’t it be great if someone always had a set of eyes on your debit card, watching for fraud? At State Bank, we take this idea to heart by automatically enrolling all customers with debit cards in SHAZAM’s Falcon Fraud Protection.

This service monitors your debit card 24/7/365 for fraudulent activity to prevent unauthorized activity on your card. It is just another way State Bank ensures your money and accounts stay safe and secure.

How does Falcon Fraud Protection work?

If fraud is suspected, you will receive a phone notification. If you are unavailable, a voice message will be left asking you to call and verify the transaction. If there is no reply, they will put a temporary block on your card. The 24-hour phone line for SHAZAM Falcon Fraud Protection is 866-508-2693 or 515-558-7608.

Track your account with SHAZAM Bolt$

With SHAZAM Bolt$, you can sign up for transaction alerts and even block/unblock your debit card if it is lost or stolen.  Visit the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store to install the app.  Want to access SHAZAM Bolt$ on your PC?  Simply enroll for Shazam Bolt$ online.

Tip: Tired of hanging on to all your receipts to remind you to write that purchase down in your check register?  Use Shazam Bolt$ to receive alerts of your purchases to your mobile phone via text message instead.

Important Notes About Fraud Protection

  1. Keep your contact information up to date so you can be contacted by the fraud team if fraud is suspected.
  2. Let State Bank know about your travel plans. Otherwise, transactions made outside the area may be suspected to be fraudulent.
  3. Monitor your accounts on your own with Online Banking & Mobile Banking from State Bank!
  4. As always, if you lose your debit card or have it stolen, contact State Bank immediately, or call 800-383-8000 after normal business hours.

If you have any questions regarding fraud protection services, contact the State Bank office nearest you today!



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