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Visa® debit cards protected by SHAZAM Falcon Fraud Protection

Why lug around a checkbook or cash when you can make purchases with a swipe? State Bank’s Visa debit card allows for fast and secure transactions in person and online, as well as quick access to cash via ATMs.

Privileged Status ATMs

ATM fees are the worst. Why should you pay to access your money? Even if you aren’t able to get to a State Bank ATM, you can still access your money fee-free at Privileged Status ATMs across the country. Simply look for the Privileged Status logo or use their ATM locator to find the fee-free ATM nearest you.

What if I lose my debit card or it is stolen?

Contact State Bank immediately during business hours so that we can cancel your card and order you a replacement. If it is after normal bank hours, call 800-383-8000 to resolve the situation. Tip: save this number into your phone for emergencies.

Traveling with your debit card

If you are traveling it is important to let us know so your transactions are not mistaken for fraudulent activity.  Before leaving on your trip, fill out our form or call to inform us of your trip details.  Be prepared with the following information:

  • Where you are going (specific states and countries)
  • When your trip begins
  • When your trip ends
  • Contact Information

  • Yes No
  • Yes No
  • Florida California New York Texas Internationally
  • Yes No

Falcon Fraud Protection

You are automatically enrolled in SHAZAM’s Falcon Fraud Protection Service, which protects against debit card fraud, when you receive a State Bank debit card.

If you have any questions about our debit cards, please contact your nearest State Bank branch for assistance.


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