Our exclusive banking club for customers age 55 and better

Are you age 55 or better? If so, State Bank has a great opportunity for you to receive the best banking services combined with special events and travel opportunities: Club55.

As a club member you’ll be able to take advantage of all the perks Club55 has to offer!

Club55 Eligibility

There are only a few requirements for being a part of Club55 at State Bank:

  • Are you age 55 or better?
  • Do you have any of the following accounts: Club55 Checking, Interest Checking or Money Market?

If you meet both requirements, you’re ready to become a member of Club55!

Benefits of Club55 Membership

There are a multitude of benefits for being a club member.

  • Benefit #1- special events: group outings, potlucks, travel opportunities and other activities, with all the details wrapped up and sent to you in our periodic newsletter.
  • Benefit #2- banking services. We strongly encourage all Club55 members to have a Club55 Checking Account. It provides all the convenient banking services you need with the added benefits of $6.00 off any safe deposit box rental per year and two FREE boxes of Deluxe Specialty checks per year.
  • Benefit #3- complimentary consultations. Need help getting started with financial planning or a trust? Our Wealth Management department is here to help.

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Club55 Travel Opportunities

It’s time to start looking forward to our 2019 Club55 travel season!  We have planned some fun and interesting trips again this year.  Many of them are locations and events that YOU, our Club55 members, have requested.  As always, if you have a great trip idea, let your Club55 representative know!

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Get Started with Club55 Today!

Contact our club directors or representatives today to join Club55.

  • Sandy Holthaus, Calmar Office – 563.562.3442
  • Kendra Harris, Charles City Office – 641.228.1900
  • Mackenzie Eiklenborg, Dike Office – 319.989.2474
  • Melissa Fleshner, Janesville Office – 319.987.2521
  • Amber Kurash, New Hampton Office – 641.394.3021
  • Lynette Wenthold, Ossian Office – 563.532.9375
  • Denise Abels, Waverly Offices – 319.352.6000

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