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Grow your money with a CD, Roth or Traditional IRA

While you can’t predict the future, you can be prepared for it and whatever it brings. CDs and IRAs from State Bank aim to help you grow your money for whatever tomorrow brings.

 CDs- Certificates of Deposit

CDs are a secure option for investing and growing your money. They earn a guaranteed rate and are protected by the maximum protection FDIC insurance offers. CDs come in the following terms:

  • 182-day
  • 12-month
  • 24-month
  • 36-month Advantage (one rate upgrade)
  • 48-month Advantage (one rate upgrade)
  • 60-month Advantage (two rate upgrades)

Interest earned on your CD can be compounded to your CD, or deposited into a checking or savings account. To find the latest CD rates, visit our Current Rates page.

IRAs- Individual Retirement Accounts

Offering both Roth IRAs and Traditional IRAs with no maintenance fees, State Bank makes saving for retirement easy. These IRAs also come with FDIC insurance and are available in a variety of rates. To find the latest IRA rates, visit our Current Rates page.

Because there are differences in the tax benefits of Roth and Traditional IRAs, we encourage you to speak with your tax advisor for those questions. Other investment and retirement plans are available through State Bank’s Wealth Management department (may not be FDIC insured).

Contact us or stop by any State Bank office today to open your CD or IRA.



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