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Find the right checking & savings account for your business or ag operation

While businesses may sell the same products or services, they are almost all unique in their financial needs. This starts with their need for checking and savings accounts. With a variety of accounts designed for businesses with different transaction volumes and cash flows, State Bank can help your business set a firm financial foundation.


Business Checking Accounts

Free Business Checking

Perfect for small business with low transaction volumes or non-profits, Free Business Checking provides Remote Deposit Capture, e-Statements and free e-Services without a minimum balance requirement. Transaction limits include 200 free items, with a $0.25 fee incurred for each additional over 200.

Business Checking

Suited for medium to high transaction levels of most businesses and agribusinesses, Business Checking builds on the benefits of Free Business Checking and adds a higher free item limit (400 free, $0.25 fee for each item over 400)

A $5.00 service fee is charged to the account if the account balance falls below $2,500 on any day of the month.

Business Interest Checking

Businesses that can keep higher checking account balances may find Business Interest Checking to be the right fit. Interest is paid at three tiers:

  • $0-$50,000
  • $50,000.01-$100,000
  • $100,000.01 and higher

Interest Checking comes with 25 free debits and 50 free deposited items per statement cycle; any debits or deposited items over those limits incurs a $0.25 charge. The account will be charged a $7.00 monthly service fee if the balance dips below $1,000 during any day of the statement cycle.

Business Savings Accounts & Other Savings Options

Regular Savings

The perfect fit for business of all sizes, Regular Savings offers interest and six withdrawals per month ($1.00 fee for additional withdrawals). A $2.00 fee will be charged if the balance falls below $100 on any day of the month.

CDs and IRAs

Both of these accounts are good ways to invest and grow business capital for future needs. With a variety of CD maturities, and both Roth and Traditional IRAs available, there are plenty of ways to grow cash for your business needs.

Make an appointment at your nearest State Bank office to open a checking and/or savings account for your business today!


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